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December 8 Press Release

For the year 2023, that of its 30th anniversary, Cercle CREDO is deploying a roadmap under the sign of knowledge sharing and foresight. Publication of a technical brief on the new generation of PON networks (XGS-PON) Publication of a reference work on the sustainability of fiber networks Launch of study [...]

08 December 2022|News, Press|

Labeling of companies: The CREDO Circle and Innovance sign a partnership agreement

The interprofessional association CREDO Circle and the local semi-public company Innovance announce the signing of a partnership aimed at creating a label to qualify companies that audit FTTH networks. With this agreement, the two players are also entering into a beneficial long-term partnership. Through this partnership, Innovance and CREDO Circle, [...]

08 December 2022|News, Press, Uncategorized|

XGS-PON Whitepaper

Meeting the challenge of moving to the next generation of PON networks Evolutions, extensions, diversions are an integral part of the life of the network. Technological evolutions, which allow the increase of flows are also to be taken into consideration in the reflections of the life of the network, its [...]

07 December 2022|News, Publications|

Webinar “Optical fiber and end of the copper network: networks & processes” on November 15, 2022

"Networks & Services" Group In recent years in France, in parallel with the deployment of mobile networks, we have witnessed the acceleration of the deployment of optical fiber throughout the territory, both to connect residential customers and businesses or communities. Quite logically, this massive deployment will be followed by the [...]

15 November 2022|External, News|

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