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XGS-PON Whitepaper

2022-12-07T09:33:32+01:0007 December 2022|News, Publications|

Meeting the challenge of moving to the next generation of PON networks Evolutions, extensions, diversions are an integral part of the life of the network. Technological evolutions, which allow the increase of flows are also to be taken into consideration in the reflections of the life of the network, its [...]

May 05, 2022 workshop

2022-05-16T11:07:22+02:0015 April 2022|News, Workshops|

Thursday, May 05, 2022,, on video (Webex) 9:00 – 12:30 AM ETSI – Publication réseaux F5G (Topo Consulting) Predi5, l’IA au service de votre activité (e5group) A deeper fiber in the infrastructure to support the 5G and O-RAN concept (Orange) Accédez [...]

Whitepaper “Network sustainability” n°5

2022-03-29T15:44:42+02:0011 October 2021|Whitepaper|

There are two types of maintenance for optical networks: - Preventive maintenance, which consists of periodically inspecting the network in order to identify any problems and thus avoid breakdowns and service interruptions. - Corrective maintenance, which consists of repairing breakdowns when they occur. Indeed, some fiber cuts, such as "excavator blows", are difficult to avoid. Many times, preventive maintenance is seen as a cost and not as an investment that reduces downtime and increases customer satisfaction.

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