Editorial by Richard Toper, President of Cercle CREDO
Etats Généraux des RIP 2023

Quantity and quality: the two challenges of RIPs

Since 2011, the States General of the RIPs have been the back-to-school event for the Very High Speed ​​​​tribe. From a tool intended for leisure and city enthusiasts, the THD has become an essential tool for everyday life, in the city and in the countryside, for communicating and for telecommuting, in particular. With the success of the France Very High Speed ​​Plan, France has taken the lead in full coverage of its territory.

Two years ago, the speeches focused on accelerating the number of fiber connections, a support demanded everywhere. Operators and local authorities inaugurated NROs and PMs. Today we celebrate the end of coverage and the 100,000th subscriber.

Is the job done yet? No

There are still two main areas of effort:

  1. Complete the coverage of the territories, whether in public initiative zones or in private initiative zones.
  2. Set up processes for evaluating the quality of network deployment, both for subscriber connections and for the infrastructure built upstream of the connection points.

To define quality (customer satisfaction), it is essential to set up independent and measurable evaluations (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs in English).

This is the meaning of the approach launched by Innovance, Cercle CREDO and Avicca, supported by several companies in the sector. We look forward to seeing you on March 21 at the lunch break to present this new label intended to qualify the skills of companies that audit the infrastructure of fiber optic networks.

See the program and register for EGRIP >


Innovance, CREDO Circle and Avicca will also present their AQPF Label (Audit – Quality – Sustainability – Fiber): 1st label for companies that audit FTTH network infrastructure.