XGS-PON Whitepaper

2022-12-07T09:33:32+01:0004 May 2023|News, Publications|

Meeting the challenge of moving to the next generation of PON networks Evolutions, extensions, diversions are an integral part of the life of the network. Technological evolutions, which allow the increase of flows are also to be taken into consideration in the reflections of the life of the network, its [...]

Fiber Thursday: “Fibre optics: what impact on the environment?”

2023-03-14T17:16:31+01:0006 April 2023|Events, News|

Optical fiber is deployed at high speed. Its generalization will allow an increase in speeds and the development of new applications, including those based on Virtual Reality. What will be the impact on the environment? This is a complex subject that raises many questions. CREDO Circle invites you to take stock of this issue with experts in the field.

AQPF Label Press Release

2023-03-30T14:35:09+02:0023 March 2023|News, Press, Press|

1st labeling of companies that audit FTTH network infrastructureunderlined, [At the Construction, Network Life and Maintenance stage] In a process of quality and durability of fiber optic networks,strong, Innovance, CREDO Circle and Avicca announcestrong, the creation of the AQPF label (Audit-Quality-Perennity-Fibre) This Tuesday, March 21, on the occasion of the [...]

Presentation of the FTTH demonstrator at the internal Enedis seminar

2023-03-10T14:26:27+01:0010 March 2023|External, News|

The event took place on March 10, 2023 at the Palais d'Hiver in the Jardin d'Acclimatation de Paris. On this occasion, around thirty participants from the regional units dealing with the deployment of the THD on common support were able to discuss with Claude Richard and Mireille Bonnin of the [...]

Quantity and quality: the two challenges of RIP #EGRIP

2023-02-27T11:42:11+01:0027 February 2023|News|

Since 2011, the States General of the RIPs have been the back-to-school event for the Very High Speed ​​​​tribe. From a tool intended for leisure and city enthusiasts, the THD has become an essential tool for everyday life, in the city and in the countryside, for communicating and for telecommuting, in particular. With the success of the France Very High Speed ​​Plan, France has taken the lead in full coverage of its territory.

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