Claude Richard from CREDO Circle will speak at the Orange conference: “100% fiber building: impact on collective and individual services” to be held in Paris on March 17, 2023 at 2:30 p.m.

Objective of the conference:

  • know the consequences of the shutdown of copper (PSTN network) and the development of fiber optics in collective housing
  • find out about replacement solutions (fiber optics, all IP, 5G, etc.) in order to guarantee the continuity of services in the building
  • monitor feedback on collective housing (social landlords and condominiums)
  • chat directly with the experts

Context :

The gradual shutdown of the Public Switched Telephone Network (RTC) enacts the digitization of telephone networks and the migration to more modern technologies such as voice over IP and fiber optics.

In buildings, many services still work with the copper network: elevators, video surveillance, intercom… The disappearance of the PSTN by 2030 will lead to the cessation of these services if the switch to new solutions – fiber optic in the lead – is not anticipated.

In 2023, the incumbent operator Orange begins the gradual closure of lines, one geographical area after another until 2030.

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