1st labeling of companies that audit FTTH network infrastructureunderlined,
[At the Construction, Network Life and Maintenance stage]

In a process of quality and durability of fiber optic networks,strong,
Innovance, CREDO Circle and Avicca announcestrong,
the creation of the AQPF label (Audit-Quality-Perennity-Fibre)

This Tuesday, March 21, on the occasion of the States General of RIPs in Deauville, Innovance, CREDO Circle and Avicca announced the launch of the first label which will, on the one hand, harmonize the audit practices of companies, on the other hand to qualify the skills of those involved in auditing companies.

Called AQPF (Audit-Quality-Sustainability-Fiber), this new label, whose logo was unveiled today, is the culmination of work carried out in 2022 by a consortium of players in the Telecom sector, formed and led by Innovance and which the national associations CREDO Circle and Avicca have actively supported in the process.

Mathieu HUSSON, Président of Innovance :

“The creation of the “Audit-Quality-Sustainability-Fiber” Label responds to a need for quality and sustainability of newly deployed FTTH networks. This labeling relating to the audit actions carried out during the construction, the life of the network and the maintenance of the latter, aims to harmonize the practices of audit companies on the subject and to qualify the skills of the participants. This label also allows principals and auditors to use a common language. It facilitates the understanding of the missions and the expected results between the different parties. The AQPF label was also born out of a strong partnership between Innovance and CREDO Circle , which combined their skills, expertise and know-how on these subjects, with the active support of Avicca. »

An observation at the origin of the label: the quality of deployment of a network is the guarantee of its durability

Ensuring the quality of the infrastructure of an FTTH network requires regular and rigorous auditing: both to guarantee its compliance with technical requirements and to ensure its sustainability during the construction, network life and maintenance phases. For local authorities and operators, this means involving companies that have the specific skills required and the qualifications that are essential to carry out the audits according to the rules of the trade.

This observation led the actors of the sector gathered around Innovation and the CREDO Circle, with the support of Avicca, to build the reference system of the AQPF label and with this objective, to define the skills of the profession of auditor:

  • Evaluate the overall situation, i.e. an end-to-end network, or only a part.
  • Check the conformity of the infrastructures built according to the standards, the legislation in force and the specifications of the infrastructure operator (telecom engineering, measurement, continuity test).
  • Write a summary of the results and draw up a diagnosis.

Richard TOPER, President of CREDO Circle :

“For many years, the CREDO Circle has been carrying out actions with great conviction to promote the quality and sustainability of FTTH networks: dissemination of best practices and rules of the art, highlighting innovations and organization of exchanges to implement optical technologies. I am delighted with the launch of the AQPF label by our three organizations Avicca, Cercle CREDO and Innovance. This initiative fits perfectly with the initiative of the National Agency for Territorial Cohesion (ANCT): to set up technical and organizational audits in order to secure the objectives of the France Very High Speed ​​Plan and ensure the sustainability of the networks. In addition, it will allow all the actors to carry out a collective effort oriented towards quality and sustainability after having achieved deployment records together.”

A demanding reference system comprising three components: administrative, technical and evaluation

True pivot of the labeling of companies, the AQPF reference system includes all the criteria required to obtain the latter; it is accompanied by a notice containing all the expected elements:

  • An administrative section containing the essential elements for labeling.
  • A technical section describing the material and human resources.
  • A skills assessment component within identified examination centers (half a day).

Patrick CHAIZE, President ofAvicca :

“The strategic importance of FttH, exacerbated by the upcoming closure of the copper network, requires having a quality requirement when deploying and operating these networks commensurate with the challenges they represent for all of the population (general public and professionals).
In view of the progress of the deployments, the emphasis is now to be placed on the operation of these networks in order to ensure their performance, durability and scalability over time.
In addition to the technical challenges that this represents, others concern organizational aspects. They are linked in particular to the change of model vis-à-vis the copper network in which the operator/network couple was unique. They also concern the ability to manage the many interventions that will occur during the operation of these networks (burials, diversions, extensions, etc.) which will require multiple stakeholders.
The capitalization of accumulated experience feedback from interventions carried out on existing networks underlines that particular vigilance must be given to them. By allowing the harmonization of practices and by validating the competence and qualification of those involved, this label is one of the responses to the challenge of maintaining these networks in optimal operational conditions. Within the framework of the RIPs, it is also a key element in the control of this heritage by the communities. »

The official opening of the AQPF label will take place in April with the establishment of a steering committee and a technical committee; in addition, a platform will be made accessible via a website, to explain to companies the filing of an application as well as the procedure for the examination to obtain the label.

What to remember from the AQPF Audit-Quality-Sustainability-Fiber Label

  • A label constituting a network quality and sustainability approach covering the construction phases, network life and maintenance of FTTH network infrastructures.
  • A reference system intended to harmonize audit practices and to qualify the skills of companies in its technical and administrative aspects, it includes all the criteria required in terms of material and human resources of the company, as well as an evaluation part for obtaining the label.
  • A label valid for 2 years, during which the labeled company is monitored.


About Innovance www.innovance.fr

Innovation is a Local Mixed Economy Company, created in 2015, chaired by Mathieu HUSSON, President of Infractive. It brings together 16 private shareholders (national telecom installers, cable companies, fiber optic equipment suppliers) and 6 public shareholders (Normandy Region, Manche Departmental Council, Mont-Saint-Michel Normandie Agglomeration Community, South PACA Region, Nîmes Métropole and SICTIAM).

Innovance acts on the field of employment and skills within the Digital Infrastructure sector. It works to set up a training reference system that meets the skills needs of the sector through a network of training centers (about thirty) spread across the national territory.

Press Contact : Anne-Lise LECHAT – 06 44 23 37 23 – al.lechat@innovance.fr

About CREDO Circle www.cercle-credo.com

A national interprofessional association created in 1993, Cercle CREDO’s mission is to promote the role and use of fiber optics in infrastructures and networks, to define technical specifications and issue recommendations, and also to support and encourage appearance of innovations related to fiber optics and THD.

The CREDO Circle brings together and federates all the professions and expertise in fiber optic technology, very high speed networks and digital uses. In 2023, it brings together nearly 80 members and around ten partners whose knowledge is likely to enrich the exchanges and work of the CREDO Circle which relate to neutral, shared and essential infrastructures for the general interest: optical networks of Operators of Vital Importance (Transport, Energy, Security), FTTH networks deployed as part of the France Very High Speed ​​Plan, new networks (5G, datacenters, IoT, etc.).

Contact Presse : Véronique MASSÉ (agence Isée) – 06 23 92 26 35 – v.masse@isee-communication.fr

About Avicca www.avicca.org

Avicca is an association that brings together 220 communities (regions, departments, cities and inter-municipalities, mixed unions), spread throughout France (mainland and overseas) and which act for the development and digital transition of the territory. 35 years of experience give it irreplaceable perspective in analyses, in particular on questions of the game of players, regulations, strategies and technological developments, whether on fixed and mobile infrastructures, networks and electronic communications, digital education, smart territories, data, cybersecurity and the environmental footprint of digital. Avicca provides its members with all the necessary information, advice and support. It plays a leading role in negotiations with all national and European partners, with the ministries concerned, the regulatory bodies and the various economic players in the sector.

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