AQPF Label Press Review

2023-03-30T11:40:20+02:0023 March 2023|Press|

Discover here an anthology of articles published following the launch of the Audit-Quality-Sustainability-Fiber label during the General States of the RIP in Deauville on March 21, 2023. La Tribune ( writed by Pierre Manière), March 21, 2023 : « Télécoms : un label pour garantir la qualité du déploiement de [...]

AQPF Label Press Release

2023-03-30T14:35:09+02:0023 March 2023|News, News, Press, Press|

1st labeling of companies that audit FTTH network infrastructureunderlined, [At the Construction, Network Life and Maintenance stage] In a process of quality and durability of fiber optic networks,strong, Innovance, CREDO Circle and Avicca announcestrong, the creation of the AQPF label (Audit-Quality-Perennity-Fibre) This Tuesday, March 21, on the occasion of the [...]

December 8 Press Release

2022-12-08T11:17:37+01:0008 December 2022|News, Press|

For the year 2023, that of its 30th anniversary, Cercle CREDO is deploying a roadmap under the sign of knowledge sharing and foresight. Publication of a technical brief on the new generation of PON networks (XGS-PON) Publication of a reference work on the sustainability of fiber networks Launch of study [...]

Labeling of companies: The CREDO Circle and Innovance sign a partnership agreement

2022-12-08T10:38:26+01:0008 December 2022|News, Press|

The interprofessional association CREDO Circle and the local semi-public company Innovance announce the signing of a partnership aimed at creating a label to qualify companies that audit FTTH networks. With this agreement, the two players are also entering into a beneficial long-term partnership. Through this partnership, Innovance and CREDO Circle, [...]

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