Whitepaper “Network sustainability” n°5

2022-03-29T15:44:42+02:0011 October 2021|Whitepaper|

There are two types of maintenance for optical networks: - Preventive maintenance, which consists of periodically inspecting the network in order to identify any problems and thus avoid breakdowns and service interruptions. - Corrective maintenance, which consists of repairing breakdowns when they occur. Indeed, some fiber cuts, such as "excavator blows", are difficult to avoid. Many times, preventive maintenance is seen as a cost and not as an investment that reduces downtime and increases customer satisfaction.

Whitepaper “Network sustainability” n°8

2022-03-29T15:44:57+02:0014 June 2021|News, Whitepaper|

First reserved for OIV - Operators of Vital Importance - in the last century (France Telecom, SNCF, EDF, National Defense...) then for "big" operators at the time of telecom deregulation, optical networks have recently explosively deployed thanks to FTTH projects. France has taken a leading position in Europe with the France Very High Speed ​​Plan launched ten years ago.

Whitepaper “Network sustainability” n°4a

2022-03-29T15:45:30+02:0012 November 2020|News, Whitepaper|

Acceptance of optical networks - excluding fiber performance measurements The finding: The construction of optical networks is a complex operation that involves many players: operators, design offices, installers, their subcontractors and communities. The infrastructures of these optical networks, from long-distance transport to the access network, land or air, must be durable and scalable to absorb the increase in speeds expected by customers and to accommodate new technologies to come on fiber (400G , XGS-PON, 5G, …).

Whitepaper “Network sustainability” n°1

2022-03-29T15:45:41+02:0011 June 2020|News, Whitepaper|

The CREDO has undertaken with its Members a reflection on the sustainability of fiber optic networks. These networks will have a lifespan of at least 50 years, in particular for FttH networks, which will replace the copper network of the incumbent operator. The CREDO will regularly publish sheets on the different aspects that come into play in the sustainability of fiber optic networks.

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