The finding:

The lifetime of a passive telecommunications network is of the order of a human life. The term “network life” here refers to the so-called “operational” period, i.e. everything that happens after commissioning.

Indeed, throughout its lifespan, a fiber optic network will undergo changes related to its extensions, its evolutions as well as to its environment:

  • Connections of new customers having a more or less pronounced impact on the existing network
  • Extensions due to new geographical coverage needs (creation of a new residential area), an increase in the number of users at a specific point (creation of a building instead of a pavilion) or new uses.
  • Diversion of infrastructures (displacement of ducts during road widening, or passage from above ground to underground during landfill operations)
  • Replacement of components that have become obsolete due to aging or technological developments.

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Fiche pérennité n°6 - Vie du réseau