Acceptance of optical networks – excluding fiber performance measurements

The finding:

The construction of optical networks is a complex operation that involves many players: operators, design offices, installers, their subcontractors and communities. The infrastructures of these optical networks, from long-distance transport to the access network, land or air, must be durable and scalable to absorb the increase in speeds expected by customers and to accommodate new technologies to come on fiber (400G , XGS-PON, 5G, …).

The critical nature of the Operators’ networks (in particular Vital Importance (OIV)) requires a high level of construction quality which justifies the implementation of rigorous procedures during acceptance operations. The implementation of FttH networks gives rise to very heavy investments in essential infrastructures which will be operated for several decades, which requires a high level of quality. The very strong demand for connection of the territories should not compromise the quality essential to the sustainability of the networks. This requirement requires the use of a trained workforce and quality components (compliance with standards, etc.).

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Fiche pérennité n°4A - Recette des réseaux optiques (hors mesure de performance des fibres)