For the year 2023, that of its 30th anniversary, Cercle CREDO is deploying a roadmap under the sign of knowledge sharing and foresight.

  • Publication of a technical brief on the new generation of PON networks (XGS-PON)
  • Publication of a reference work on the sustainability of fiber networks
  • Launch of study work on enterprise fiber
  • Deployment of a virtual reality application on 5G networks

This Thursday, December 8, the CREDO Circle brought together the actors of the FttH fiber ecosystem at Espace Hamelin in Paris around two round tables: the 1st on Public Initiative Networks (RIP), feedback from experience and good practices, the 2nd on the Life of the Network. This was an opportunity for Richard TOPER, President of CREDO Circle and Jacques POLENI, General Delegate, to present to journalists, during a press briefing, the latest work carried out by the association and to announce the highlights of the roadmap for 2023.

“The year 2023 will be rich in events for the CREDO Circle, which will proudly celebrate its 30th anniversary with all of its partners and members (one hundred to date). After the publication in early 2023 of a technical manual on the new generation of PON networks (XGS-PON), we will publish a rich and voluminous reference work (several hundred pages), the fruit of our work for several years on the durability of fiber optic networks. At the same time, we will open an important reflection and a study site on fiber in companies. In addition, on the issue of 5G, we will develop an unprecedented application based on the virtual tour of a city,” said Richard TOPER.


In 2023 The publication of an essential book on the sustainability of fiber optic networks

For more than 2 years, the Cercle CREDO has undertaken with its members to share the results of their work through technical sheets (several dozen pages each) on the different aspects that come into play in the “Sustainability of fiber optic networks” . This collection, which will include 9 sheets including the publication in early 2023 of the XGS-PON sheet, is available to everyone: each sheet (as well as all the guides published by CREDO Circle) can be downloaded free of charge from the website
“We are currently compiling all the sheets into a reference book. This will take the form of an original guide of several hundred pages that we will make accessible to all, so that the players in the fiber ecosystem can take it up and help to disseminate it and feed their future reflections.
The book, which will be presented at an event, is the culmination of many months of work and discussions in our monthly workshops. This guide is made possible by the collaborative work of the 100 members who make up the virtuous circle of CREDO”, emphasizes Jacques POLENI, its Managing Director.


In 2023, the commitment to reflection and study work on fiber in companies

This question of fiber in business is crucial, hence the desire of Cercle CREDO to open up a field of reflection and a work plan on the following two axes:
• Business fiber connection, in particular the issue of FttE and FttO.
• Fiber service inside companies, with in particular the arrival of new architectures such as Passive Optical Lan (POL) which will be the subject of a dedicated workshop organized by the association on February 2, 2023.

In 2023, an application to visit a city covered in 5G from its virtual model

CREDO Circle is currently developing a virtual reality application on the theme of 5G networks the principle of which will be to start from the virtual model of a city covered in 5G with the possibility of visiting Points of Interest: roof terrace, EDGE datacenter, applications on industrial sites, applications relating to connected territories.

This application will complete the innovative toolbox of Cercle CREDO, which already offers an immersive and interactive visit of an end-to-end FttH network, using its virtual reality demonstrator. The participants of Fiber Thursday on December 8 had the chance to test this application by wearing the helmet (attached).

See the presentation video of this demonstrator


In 2023, the continuation of actions and works by the Circle of members who are the strength of CREDO

In 2023, as every year, the CREDO Circle will organize a dozen workshops with and for the expert members of the association and biannual meetings such as the “Thursdays of the Fiber” to which the actors of the ecosystem are invited. of the fiber sector. Exceptionally, a major event will take place at the end of 2023 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the association in the presence of members, industry players, partners and many guests.

The CREDO Circle will also continue its technological monitoring and its work which will be the subject of publications (sheets, notebooks and technical guides) on the state of the art of architectures, technologies and practices.
“Next year our work will focus in particular on the POL architecture for fiber connection in companies. In parallel we will continue our reflections on the end of the copper network and will begin reflections on the energy aspects of Telecoms. Like every year, the CREDO Circle will participate in external events, in particular those of our partners whom I would like to salute here: ARUFOG, Avicca, Banque des Territoires, Caisse des Dépôts, FNCCR, FTTH Council Europe, InfraNum, LEINA, Objectif Fiber and Innovation that has just joined the very precious circle of our partners”, concludes Richard TOPER.


Last minute info: CREDO Circle and Innovance partners for the labeling of companies that audit FTTH networks

The partnership that was announced on December 8 concerns the creation of a label to qualify companies that audit FTTH networks. CREDO Circle and
Innovance ( will join forces to speed up the drafting and implementation of this labeling and, to do this, the two partners will mobilize a consortium of players within the Digital Infrastructure sector and will benefit from the support of the Avicca association (see the press release).

About CREDO Circle
An interprofessional association founded in 1993, CREDO Circle’s mission is to promote the role and use of fiber optics in infrastructures and networks, to define technical specifications and issue recommendations, and also to support and encourage the emergence innovations related to fiber optics and THD.
CREDO brings together and federates all the professions and expertise in fiber optic technology, very high speed networks and digital uses; in 2022, it brings together nearly 100 members and partners whose knowledge is likely to enrich the exchanges and work of the CREDO Circle: Design offices and Consulting firms, Clients, Industrialists, Integrators and Installers, Institutional, Professional groups , Trainers, Operators of operators, Operators, Users…
The work of CREDO Circle experts focuses on neutral, shared and essential infrastructures for the general interest: optical networks of Operators of Vital Importance (transport, energy, security,) FTTH networks deployed as part of the Very High Speed ​​France Plan and new networks (5G, datacenters, IoT, etc.).

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