The interprofessional association CREDO Circle and the local semi-public company Innovance announce the signing of a partnership aimed at creating a label to qualify companies that audit FTTH networks. With this agreement, the two players are also entering into a beneficial long-term partnership.

Through this partnership, Innovance and CREDO Circle, with the support of Avicca and a consortium of players in the Digital Infrastructure sector, have agreed to join forces to speed up the drafting of this label and its implementation. implemented.

With its training expertise in the field of fiber optic networks, Innovance is part of a quality and sustainability approach in order to support communities and telecom installers on these subjects. Indeed, recent observations made by the sector show a need both in terms of skills and qualification of those involved in these networks.
To meet these expectations, Innovance, accompanied by a group of players in the Digital Infrastructure sector, has defined a technical qualification process for companies carrying out quality audit operations on FTTH networks, with the issuance of a label. dedicated.

With its technical know-how in the field of optical networks, including that of FTTH, CREDO Circle has published several technical guides on these networks, supplemented to date by nearly a dozen sheets on the sustainability of the networks.
The CREDO Cirle has also, within the framework of aerial deployments of the Optical Local Loop, under the aegis of the Very High Speed ​​Mission and Arcep, with the companies Enedis and Orange, created a Label. Called LEINA, it identifies companies with sufficient human and material resources to produce quality study files relating to the mechanical strength of telephone and electrical aerial supports.


Richard Toper, President of the CREDO Circle :
“We are very happy to join forces with Innovance to develop this certification, which is essential for the sustainability and quality of FTTH networks over the long term. In addition to its technical expertise, CREDO will allow Innovance to benefit from the experience acquired with the implementation of the LEINA label. »

Mathieu Husson, President of Innovance :
“We are pleased with the signing of this partnership between Credo Circle and Innovance. The
conclusion of this agreement will allow us to combine our expertise in order to work towards the deployment of
quality and sustainability of FTTH networks. »


About CREDO Circle
An interprofessional association founded in 1993, CREDO Circle’s mission is to promote the role and use of fiber optics in infrastructures and networks, to define technical specifications and issue recommendations, and also to support and encourage the emergence innovations related to
optical fiber and THD.
CREDO brings together and federates all the professions and expertise in fiber optic technology, very high speed networks and digital uses; in 2022, it brings together nearly 100 members and partners whose knowledge is likely to enrich the exchanges and work of the CREDO Circle: Design offices and Consulting firms, Clients, Industrialists, Integrators and Installers, Institutional, Professional groups , Trainers, Operators of operators, Operators, Users… The work of the CREDO Circle experts focuses on neutral, shared and essential infrastructures for the general interest:
optical networks of Operators of Vital Importance (Transport, Energy, Security), FTTH networks deployed as part of the Very High Speed ​​France Plan, new networks (5G, datacenters, IoT, etc.).

Press contact : Véronique MASSÉ – 06 23 92 26 35 –

About Innovance
Innovance is a Local Mixed Economy Company, created in 2015, chaired by Mathieu HUSSON, President
of Infractive. It federates 17 private shareholders (national telecom installers, cable companies, suppliers of
fiber optic equipment) and 6 public shareholders (Normandy Region, Manche Departmental Council,
Mont-Saint-Michel Normandy urban community, South PACA region, Nîmes Métropole and
Innovance acts on the field of employment and skills within the Digital Infrastructure sector.
It works to set up a training reference system that meets the skills needs of the sector at
through a network of training centers (about thirty) spread across the national territory.
Press contacts : Anne-Lise LECHAT – 06 25 75 15 63 –