The Cercle CREDO invites you to its Fiber Thursday which will be held on April 14, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. (reception from 8:45 a.m.) in person at 17 rue de l’Amiral Hamelin 75116 Paris (limited number of places) or or remotely (on Zoom webinar).
Hosted by : Claude RICHARD – Project Manager CREDO
Introduction: Richard TOPER – President of Cercle CREDO
Opening: Laure de LA RAUDIÈRE – President of ARCEP
Round table n°1 : « Multiple challenges »
Hosted by: Richard TOPER – President of Cercle CREDO
  • Is the fiber network ready to take over from the copper network?
  • What impacts and what constraints for municipalities?
  • Will the shutdown of the copper network have an impact on so-called specific services (security, remote alarm, etc.)?
  • What universal telecom service after 2023?
  • What will become of telecom infrastructures?
  • How to take into account the environmental impact of the dismantling of infrastructures?
With the participation of :
Ariel TURPIN – Executive Officer AVICCA
Anne GRIGNON– Mayor of Lévis Saint Nom
Bernard DUPRÉ– President of AFUTT
Célia DE LAVERGNE– Member of Parliament for Drôme, in charge of a « flash mission » on copper
Olivier RIFFARD – Director of Public Affairs of the French Federation of Telecoms
Audrey MAUREL– Associate Lawyer Inlo lawyers
Nicolas GUÉRIN General secretary Orange (to be confirmed)
Round table n°2 : « Will the fiber network be ready to take over from the copper network? »
Animée par : Jacques POLÉNI – Member of the Operational Committee of Cercle CREDO
  • Will the FttH networks be sufficiently dimensioned?
  • Will it be necessary to use other technologies in addition?
  • How to manage the 2 million so-called “specific” lines (elevators, transport, energy, security, defence, sanitation)?
  • What urgent measures should be put in place to guarantee the same quality of service and the same durability as the copper network?
  • What maintenance and what quality on the copper network after the end of universal telecom service?
  • How to secure the supply of copper components until the total shutdown of the copper network?
With the participation of :
Antoine ROUSSEL– Managing Director Alsatis
David ELFASSY – President Altitude Infra
Willy PELHATE– Marketing Manager Acome
Houria BOUAKAZ– Market development specialist Corning
Didier CAZES– Objectif Fibre
Mireille BONNIN– Technical Advisor FNCCR
Serge PUJOL – Copper Expert
Pierre-Yves PONTIER – Associate Director Setics
Conclusion : Philippe FOUET – Technical Director of Cercle CREDO
Closing cocktail
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