Cercle CREDO organized its “Fibre Thursday” on Thursday December 8, 2022 in person at Espace Hamelin (Paris 1§e) and remotely.

“FttH – Feedback: good practices
Life of the Network: what challenges”

RIP deployments are well advanced. This is why CREDO invites you to share feedback from the RIPs and to start thinking together about the next stage in the Life of the Network, which will continue throughout the life of the infrastructures.

Introduction: Richard TOPER – President of Cercle CREDO


Round table n°1: “Feedback from RIP experiences”
… good practices despite the difficulties encountered

  • Hosted by: Claude RICHARD – Circle CREDO project manager

2013: THD Plan: deploy optical fiber throughout the territory to guarantee Very High Speed ​​for all in 2022.

2022: less than 10 years later, we are almost there!

During our Fiber Thursday in April 2022 on the challenges of the end of copper, we mentioned the need to have good quality and sustainable networks. If the deployment was rapid, it is confirmed that some networks do not completely meet these essential criteria for an “essential” network. Some have been in the headlines for several months. The objective of this round table is to share best practices and “innovative” solutions.

With the participation of :

  • Pierre-Michel ATTALI – President Smart World Partners & Vice-President & Treasurer Infranum
  • Pierre Gabriel BÉRARD – Sudalys CEO
  • Denis FABREGUE – THD Meeting Director
  • Thierry JOUAN – Deputy General Delegate Avicca
  • Arnaud TOURNIER – Directeur Général SYADEN


Intervention : Gaël SERANDOUR – Deputy Director – Digital Transition Department, Investment Department Banque des Territoires


Round table n°2: “Life of the network”
What organization for good sustainability?

Led by: Jacques POLÉNI – General Delegate of Cercle CREDO

The objective of this round table is to discuss the upcoming challenges of “Network Life” (VDR). Now that the deployments are generally well advanced, a new stage begins. It will continue throughout the lifetime of the infrastructure. The Life of the Network is an essential stage in the life cycle of these public initiative networks which must be based on solid foundations.

With the participation of :

  • Elisabeth ALEIX – Director of Operations Sotranasa by Solutions 30
  • Mireille BONNIN – FNCCR Technical Advisor
  • Chloé DUMONTET – Assistant to the Digital Service Manager Siel THD
  • Emmanuel LADERRIÈRE – National THD Enedis Pilot
  • Gauthier NANOUX – Axione Operations Director
  • Philippe PRZEDBORSKI – Director of XPFibre Operations
  • Thierry ROY – Networks and IS Director Orange Concessions


Conclusion : Philippe FOUET – Technical Director of Cercle CREDO


Closing cocktail & Presentation of the Cercle CREDO FTTH demonstrator in Virtual Reality