Credo Circle will participate in Ruralitic which will be held from August 23 to 25, 2022. Richard Toper will speak on Tuesday August 23 at 5:00 p.m. on the theme Fiber, 5G, terrestrial THD, satellite, the big mix!

The 2022 edition of RURALITIC will be dedicated to the theme of attractiveness. This is indeed the very root of all territorial digital policies – Cyber ​​Cantal in the lead – whose objective in 1998 was to “bring” teleworkers and freelancers to Cantal.

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The challenges of fiber optic networks and the extinction of the copper network

The health crisis has shown that connectivity, with a high proportion of fiber optics, is more essential than ever, and in all territories and for everyone. It has become essential and strategic for individuals, businesses and territories.

Today, fiber is very widely deployed, but also with the announcement ofthe extinction of copper tscheduled from 2026, several questions arise:

  • Will the fiber network be large enough, available everywhere, what alternative solutions?
  • Will the quality, sustainability, resilience, performance and security of FTTH networks be there?

These aspects are essential, and today we see that FTTH networks are the subject of much dissatisfaction. After the phases of indignation and then of diagnosis, the remedies are put in place with difficulty and slowly.

The Cercle CREDO identified these problems very early on and alerted the sector. It undertook with its members almost 3 years ago now, a reflection which led to the development of 9 technical sheets on the quality and sustainability of networks and this spring to a “fibre Thursday” exclusively devoted to the extinction of the copper network with complementary solutions to fiber in territories not currently covered.

Contact us to discover the sustainability sheets, to discuss the end of copper with our experts or to take a virtual tour of an FTTH network and get a feel (virtual) for the complexity of this new network essential to life today. today! Join CREDO Circle ( and work together to advance digital technology.