Regional Datacenters : The CREDO Circle provides professionals with a guide on the cabling infrastructure and the recipes to be carried out. This guide recalls the standards in force, typical architectures, components to be used and all tests to be carried out.

Over the next few years, many regional data centers will emerge in France, as proximity is becoming an important selection criterion for end users. Data exchanges will grow exponentially, latency times will have to decrease, the number of interconnections will increase considerably. The cabling makes it possible to connect the servers, storage and data processing equipment that constitute the heart of a data center to the outside world.

This guide brings together all the information needed to build a reliable, long-lasting and scalable cabling infrastructure. He is at your disposal to help you in your process of building or upgrading your datacenter.

You can download it (in french only) by completing the form below:

Guide Datacenters régionaux