CREDO Circle wrote this note about FTTH & 5G Backhauling.


The deployment of 5G networks does not only implies the evolution of the radio access network (RAN). The impact on the backhaul and fronthaul will be high because new requirements emerge (bandwidth, latency, synchronization, etc.)

Fibre-optic access networks (FTTx) that are currently rolled out all over Europe seem to be natural candidates to cater to this need (Fibre-to-the-Antenna, Fibre-to-the-Cell Site, Fibre-to-the-Tower, etc.).

Therefore, many questions should be addressed today, in order to optimise overall deployment and operating costs as well as networks’ quality and resilience.

More specifically, one should consider how these networks, 5G and FTTH, are to be mutually taken into account in their planning phase.

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FTTH & 5G Backhauling