“Networks & Services” Group

In recent years in France, in parallel with the deployment of mobile networks, we have witnessed the acceleration of the deployment of optical fiber throughout the territory, both to connect residential customers and businesses or communities. Quite logically, this massive deployment will be followed by the shutdown of the copper network, scheduled between 2026 and 2030.

What is the current status of national deployment? What’s happening abroad?

Who are the actors? what are the best practices?

What technological developments are underway for fibre, networks and terminals?

Finally, how to prepare for the end of the copper network? Are the planned deadlines sustainable? What alternative technologies when the fiber connection is technically and/or economically difficult?

To try to answer them, the Networks and Services Group of Telecom Paris Alumni is organizing a series of three webinars:

A first webinar to take stock of the deployment of optical distribution networks in France and abroad, as well as the associated practices and processes

– a second webinar to discuss technical developments for fibers and equipment for optical distribution networks

– a third webinar to present the copper network shutdown project and the many issues associated with this project.

The date of the first webinar is set for November 15, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

There will be four presentations, by the following speakers:

  • Olivier Corolleur (ARCEP): Deployment of fiber in France
  • Roland Montagne (1994) (IDATE): Deployment of fiber throughout the world
  • Jacques Poleni (CREDO): deployment “best practices”
  • Richard Toper (1976) (SETICS): the testimony of a deployment actor

These four speakers, possibly joined by other guests, will then take part in a round table with questions and answers.

The detailed program of the following webinars will be available soon >