FTTH 2021 Virtual Conference

2021-10-04T15:26:01+02:0015 septembre 2021|Extérieurs|

CREDO has participates in the FTTH virtual conference to be held on September 15 and 16. ➡️ Workshop Sept.15 09:00 ﹦ "Investors Committee" with Richard TOPER (Setics) ➡️ Workshop Sept.15 14:00 ﹦ "Challenges & Opportunities of Fiber infrastructure convergence for 5G networks" with Vincent ROGER-MACHART (Cogicom) More information : https://ftthconference.eu/

FTTH & 5G Backhauling

2022-01-06T11:00:49+01:0008 juin 2021|Actualités, Publications|

CREDO Circle wrote this note about FTTH & 5G Backhauling. Context: The deployment of 5G networks does not only implies the evolution of the radio access network (RAN). The impact on the backhaul and fronthaul will be high because new requirements emerge (bandwidth, latency, synchronization, etc.) Fibre-optic [...]

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