Le Cercle CREDO était partenaire de la Conférence FTTH 2023 qui s’est tenue du 18 au 20 avril 2023 au Centre de Congrès Nord et Hall d’Exposition 9 de l’IFEMA Feria de Madrid.

Vincent Roger-Machart est intervenu le 18 avril sur le thème Workshop 1C « GPON to XGSPON transition and Ground Rules for next Generation PON » de 14:00 à 15:30.

FTTH networks in Europe are mainly based on G-PON technology. However, it appears necessary to upgrade them, to stay competitive in the future with new capabilities and users’ demand (10 Gbit/s and download/upload symmetry).
XGS-PON offer these possibilities and some operators are already upgrading their network or deploying compatible OLTs.   Nevertheless, solving the last mile XGS-PON deployment challenge implies considering, between others, the constraints related to the use of new wavelength.

Furthermore, shall operators who are still at the beginning of their deployment opt immediately for XGS-PON?
The strategies to migrate from G-PON to XG-PON will most probably rely on Combo solutions (both technologies on the same line), but how is it actually implemented and how long shall the transition period last?
In addition, further evolutions of the PON technologies should be anticipated.